Buying a property in Tenerife

Buying a property in Tenerife
18 September


1. Selection of the property

The selection of the property begins through our web page in which the customer indicates the characteristics of the desired property. With a wide variety of properties in the area and specializing in the area of Costa Adeje, we offer properties for sale in Tenerife, properties whose quality-price ratio meets the demands of our buyer clients. After defining the search criteria of our clients, we offer the properties that meet their needs. We consider, according to our experience, fit their needs until we are able to obtain a property that meets their needs. Dream of your ideal house becomes a reality, with patience and respecting the time that you need to make it happen. Our clients need to make this decision and be prepared to undertake the process of building their dream home.purchase process.

2. Reservation contract

Once the decision has been made, the initial stage begins in which the contract is prepared and formalized, which normally stipulates an advance payment of 10% of the final sales price, which guarantees to both parties, buyer and seller, the formal intention to continue the sale of the property, to go ahead with the procedure.

3. Processing of the NIE

This document is necessary to formalize a sale and purchase in Spain for non-resident citizens. For this purpose, we accompany our clients throughout the process until the document is obtained.

4. Opening of the account in a Spanish bank

The opening of the current account in a Spanish bank is arranged with the personal assistance of the holder.

5. Prior to the public deed of sale

Once the previous steps have been taken, we begin to prepare the Public Deed of Sale. For it we must contact with the different entities with the purpose of assuring that the invoices are up to date and if they are not, they will be discounted from the final price at the time of the sale. Our job is to obtain the transfer of the property free of encumbrances and charges and outstanding debts. In the meantime, the buyer must transfer the amount of money to the seller, necessary for the signing of the purchase-sale and the post-sale expenses, or to his current account of his Spanish bank or to the current account of DOM Tenerife destined for this purpose.

6. Signature of the deed of sale

Once all the necessary information is obtained to guarantee the transaction, the signing of the public deed of sale at the Notary Public's office in which the buyer client makes the rest of the money corresponding to the price of the property indicated in the contract of sale reservation contract.

7. Change of ownership of the bills

Our Gestoria will carry out the change of ownership in the different organisms and entities related with the (electricity, water, community, IBI, garbage, etc.)  presentation and registration of the public deed before the corresponding Registry, liquidation and presentation of taxes and later on, free legal advice on the obligation to file the annual tax return, and the of non-residents in Spain who own a property in Spanish territory.

8. Signing of the maintenance contract

In the event that the new owner wishes to rent his property or his habitual residence is not in Tenerife, we offer you to contract the services of rental intermediation with our company. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have more questions? We are waiting for you in our office to clarify all your doubts and prepare a personalized offer!




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