Is property investment in Tenerife a safe choice?

Is property investment in Tenerife a safe choice?
27 October

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, has long been considered a reliable destination for property investment, offering stability and growth potential. As we are approaching to 2024, the Tenerife real estate market shows signs of resilience and promise for both investors and buyers. In this blog post, we will explore the economic climate, market trends, and unique advantages that make Tenerife a compelling choice for property investment.

The value of real estate in Tenerife witnessed significant growth in recent years, setting the stage for a promising future. We'll examine the island's remarkable economic recovery since the COVID outbreak in 2019, driven by a commitment to fiscal responsibility and successful budget management, as reported in Bloomberg news. This economic stability provides a solid foundation for property investment. In 2023, Tenerife presents a favorable landscape for investors. We discuss the increasing demand for properties, particularly in major Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona, as well as on the coasts, including Tenerife South. The market is full with opportunities, and we explore the advantages of securing property now, including attractive conditions and the high appeal of luxury properties. Tenerife's exceptional climate makes it a preferred choice for property investment when compared to other European destinations. We delve into the high demand for vacation rentals, especially during the mild winter months, and the opportunities for legally renting out properties, both long and short term. Whether it's free-standing properties or participation in rental schemes, the island's climate and demand create a unique appeal. A burning question for investors is whether property prices in Tenerife are on an upward or downward trajectory in 2023. We address this with insights into market dynamics, considering factors like the impact of Coronavirus, Brexit, and international economic conditions. The shortage of available properties is a critical factor driving price trends. Property investment in Tenerife is enriched by the high demand for rentals, fueled by the island's gentle weather and excellent transport links. We highlight how Tenerife's culture, accessibility through affordable flights, and low crime rates further enhance its appeal for investors looking to generate rental income.

We unravel the speculations surrounding Tenerife property prices in 2023 and explain the market's resilience. While prices may have risen, this was due to a temporary supply shortage, not rising mortgage rates. Furthermore, we note that Tenerife's mortgage offer for EU residents is creating a favorable environment for new property owners. The enduring safety and security of Tenerife, along with the value of quality properties, make it a reliable choice for investors.

In conclusion, Tenerife remains a sound and safe choice for property investment in 2023. With an encouraging economic climate, market resilience, and unique advantages, the island presents opportunities for both long-term investors and those looking for rental income. As times change and uncertainties arise, Tenerife's appeal as a property investment destination endures, making it a tempting prospect for those seeking to capitalize on its potential.

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