Colors to decorate your home in 2024: pantone and other trends

Colors to decorate your home in 2024: pantone and other trends
12 January

The year has just begun and it's time to think about the main chromatic trends for home decoration in 2024. We all know how much color influences our homes, and also how it influences our well-being and quality of life, but there is one color that is going to set the tone for home décor this year: 'Peach Fuzz'. 

Here's the perfect list of colors to use this year to give every room a new hue to match your style:

  • Peach Fuzz: the peach color that brightens the soul.
  • Apricot Crush: a mix of warm tones
  • Grey Blue: your transition into the new year
  • Sky Blue for a more vibrant 2024
  • Green for those who prefer nature
  • Lavender: for a 2024 full of elegance
  • Honey: to soften your décor
  • Coral pink: the most unconventional color of 2024

Because we want the colors of 2024 to bring out the best in you, we're going to explore this year's color palette and help you discover the environments in which they look best.

'Peach Fuzz': the peach color that brightens the soul

Peach Fuzz, cor do ano 2024 


Pantone has chosen 'Peach Fuzz' as the color of the year 2024. It is a soft, elegant and sensual peach shade that promises to bring a touch of soul-filling charm.

Unlike the color of the year 2023, which was based on a saturated red representing the balance between warm and cool tones, this peach color will calm decorations by mixing sensuality with affection and sharing.

In case you find this shade visually strange, be prepared to see it even in modern bathroom decor, because it could be the typical color that "first you find strange and then you understand".

Apricot Crush: a blend of warm tones

tons alaranjados em interiores 


One of the color trends of 2024, according to Worth Global Style Network, will be Apricot Crush. This is an exceptional blend of the warmth of apricot and the sweetness of orange, confirming the market's growing preference for orange tones.

This color offers flexibility and is perfect for decorating both indoors and outdoors. You can use it in more relaxed spaces, such as the dining room or next to barbecues. 

Apricot Crush, like other orange tones, can be combined with natural materials, such as wood, or glass to create cheerful environments.

Blue-gray: your transition to the new year

Quarto em tons cinza 

  Sketchepedia, Freepik

Another chromatic trend for decorating in 2024 is grayish blue, one of the most sublime colors that looks great in rooms where comfort and relaxation are the priority. This light and fresh color promises to create a serene atmosphere. 

Blue-gray is perfectly suited to soft textures such as linen and cotton, and provides a fantastic transition to welcome the good energies of the new year. Ideal for rooms decorated in shades of gray with a touch of blue in the mix.

Sky blue for a more vibrant 2024

Azul celeste na decoração da sala 


Compared to a more grayish blue, sky blue promises to make spaces lively and even vibrant. It is the kind of color that looks good at any time, especially in rooms intended for family gatherings, such as living room decor or even shared rooms in student residences. 

The application of this blue color in home decoration will be complete when you bet on other light materials, such as velvet and metallic materials, which bring an equally modern touch. You can use it in cushions, rugs, curtains and other decorative accessories, as it is a versatile color.

Green for those who prefer nature

Decorar a sala de estar em verde


If you want to refresh the interiors of your home, the best option is to choose a cheerful and lively color, such as mint green. It is a beautiful color that can be used to decorate kitchens or workspaces. 

Jade green, meanwhile, promises to make living rooms even more attractive, especially when combined with golden details and where you can also place some plants, which will bring any room closer to nature.

Lavender: for a 2024 full of elegance

lavanda na casa de banho 


Lavender, one of the colors that has dazzled Taylor Swift's fans, promises to intensify your decorating color palette in 2024. Although it is associated with calm and tranquility, it also brings a certain sophistication to the rooms of the house, especially when you want to use it with some detail. 

For those who still have doubts, it is a color that combines well with pink, white and even black tones. From soft cushions to billowy curtains, lavender tones bring beauty to any room.

Honey: to soften the decoration

Honey brown is one of the trend colors for 2024. It offers neutrality to spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms and, because of its dynamism, it can be applied to long surfaces such as very high walls. Some people also use it in furniture or decorative details.

castanho mel 


In harmony with honey brown, we highlight the Limitless tone, a sophisticated beige that promises to conquer those seeking a subtle look for their interiors. This beige is dynamic and combines perfectly with other sober tones, making it a versatile choice for those who have different decorating styles at home.

Coral pink: the unconventional color of 2024

If pink was undoubtedly one of the key colors in 2023, we can affirm that coral pink will keep the trend alive and promises to stand out in the color palette for decoration in 2024. This neutral shade is perfect for environments that need personalization, such as entrance halls.

rosa coral na cozinha 


Can you imagine opening the garage door and seeing this coral pink on the walls or furniture? It would certainly be a pleasant experience, confirming the color as a distinctive choice even in those rooms where no one would initially use it. 

Whatever color you choose, it's easy to realize how varied the color palettes are that will be trending in decorating in 2024. It is essential that each room reflects your style and meets your requirements.

These are some of the most beautiful and trendy colors for home decoration in 2024. If you are looking to invest in Tenerife, you will find many properties that match your style and preferences. Contact our real estate agency DOM Tenerife today and let us help you find your dream home in this paradise island. 


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