Creative ideas to decorate your bathroom with art: three ideas to incorporate photos, paintings or sculptures

Creative ideas to decorate your bathroom with art: three ideas to incorporate photos, paintings or sculptures
8 May

Works of art in the bathroom? The bathroom is probably the area of the home where we can experience total intimacy, where we can dedicate time to ourselves, take care of ourselves and, why not, also let ourselves be carried away by artistic expression. So what better room to think about how to decorate with paintings, sculptures or photographs? Most works of art can also work in the bathroom, but you need to minimize the buildup of steam and humidity. The solution is to ventilate well so that your artwork is properly preserved.

The experts at RedCollectors share some ideas for decorating this space in the home with glomour, sophistication and a touch of surprise.

Painting with aquatic motifs from 666 euros

The marine theme or aquatic inspiration is an interesting option to consider for all types of rustic, modern, small or large bathrooms. We propose some artists whose works would fit perfectly if what most attracts your attention is a decoration that recalls the water and the sea.

Paco Dalmau was born in Valencia. Since 2012 Dalmau lives in Rotterdam, where the conceptual and methodological influences of Dutch artistic culture have influenced his most recent projects. This cultural crossbreeding defines his current line of work, where passion, method and concept converge in his creative proposal.

Works by Javier Torices from 4,290 euros

Javier Torices paints the sea. Each brushstroke is a drop of light, the taste of salt, the play between water and sand, a study of the movement of the waves.  His work can be found in collections such as the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, the Pérez-Guerra Museum, Huelva, the Caja Segovia Collection, among others.

Photographs that play with perspective

When we talk about photography we can fly with our imagination to faraway places. Whether in black and white or color, the choice of photography will always be interesting if our works are able to play with perspective, symmetry and are able to open an imaginary window on our domestic place.

Sculptures with textures from 188 euros

The option of including sculptures is always a very interesting resource, on shelves, shelves, shelves or above the sink will give a special and different touch. If the sculptures are also material and play with different textures and materials, the effect you will achieve will be unique and innovative.

Artwork by Juli About from 188 euros

Julio About was born in Avignon in 1974. He currently lives and works in Montfrin. Juli About's ceramics reflect the beauty of the body, intimacy and landscape. The artist has found in ceramics a new form of artistic expression, enriched by her experience in the plastic arts, theater and contemporary jewelry.

Artwork by Rafael Amorós from 545 euros

Rafael Amorós was born in Albaida, Valencia, in 1964. Conceptually, his work has always been based on a social commitment with a totally free approach, which is very evident in the different series he has been developing. Parallel to the pictorial work he has also been making numerous graphic editions.

Nanon Morsink's work from 944 euros

Nanon Morsink is a Dutch artist born in 1973. His work is inspired by the De Stijl movement in the Netherlands, which was characterized by simplicity and abstract geometry. However, his work is also influenced by popular culture, graphic design and electronic music.

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